Another day another Smoothie King purchase

Hi blog! This weekend flew by. I swear it was just Saturday morning, but I guess time flies when you have hundreds of pages of reading due for your history classes! I am finally getting a routine going. I have found places to walk and run and eat and study and do Quizlet. Still, these routines are sometimes messed up…

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Time flies when you’re always doing Quizlet

Hi blog! This week passed rather quickly and smoothly. All my runs went well, including my 18-miler yesterday that included Parks half! Parks is one of my favorite half-marathons because it incorporates a lot of the trails I used when I first started running three years ago. #nostalgia My classes have significantly picked up the pace, but as of now…

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A short Father’s Day Shoutout

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful daddy, who taught me how to ride a bike and run long distances, and who passed down to me his best and worst personality traits, as well as his asthma. One day I hope to be as hardcore as my papa is!