And now I am Full Christmas Emily™

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It is 11:28 on a Monday morning and I am somewhere between having a lot to do and having absolutely nothing to do. In the hours I have been awake, I have already walked my 10,000 steps, changed my bedding, dusted and vacuumed my bedroom, started a new book, painted my toenails, and started this blog post. Today I am excited to go to Target and Staples and buy some new school supplies for next semester! I already ordered my textbooks yesterday. Before you ask, the reason that I am loading up on all of this stuff so early is so that I can make cute lil labels for everything with my portable label printer. Duh.

Now that my five daunting exams are behind me I don’t really want to think about them again. Here’s what I will say:

HIST250: went well enough that I scored an A- overall in the class!

CHEM132S: went terribly (got a D-, but that’s way better than most of my peers!), so I have to wait and see how big the final curve is. Fingers crossed for another A-!

HIST106: went very well and have hopes for an A- in this course as well

CHEM131: went well enough that I scored a solid A!

BSCI207: we will have to wait and see. as prepared as I was I feel like it could have gone either way!

My final final grades should be posted by Wednesday, and I am very excited to see if all my hard work actually paid off. If it did, it will be an early Christmas present from me to me.

my offering to Testudo--hot cocoa!
my offering to Testudo–hot cocoa!
a nice gesture from my peer mentor!
a nice gesture from my peer mentor!
it was like 7 degrees and 18mph on my exam days :(
it was like 7 degrees and 18mph on my exam days 🙁
the offerings at Testudo on the day of my last exam!
the offerings at Testudo on the day of my last exam!
My giant-eyed fish Luna
My giant-eyed fish Luna

In true Emily fashion, I have found enough things to do the past few days to have very little actual down time. My weekday exams were over by 12:15 on Thursday, and I was convinced I would have at least some time to cool down later in the day. Instead, I ran, washed my sheets, lint-rolled the floor because I am a crazy person, defrosted my fridge, perfected my packing, and called a bunch of volunteer organizations for winter break opportunities. I came home early on Friday but spent the bulk of the day unpacking, organizing, and studying for my last exam on Saturday. Instead of giving myself a nice, relaxing Friday night I moved my sister’s betta fish over from her ugly, small tank to my old fish’s ballin’ light-up filter/heater tank because I am a fish mom at heart.

Speaking of heart, it literally (not figuratively) breaks my heart that when I do my next post one week from today the Christmas season will officially be over. I don’t know where the time went; just yesterday I was stressing about my very first college mid-terms and my second Marine Corps marathon. I blinked and now my absolute favorite time of the year is almost over. I am equal parts thrilled and crushed–after all, the best part of the season is Christmas Eve. But there is something very sad about Christmas Eve, as it it just 48 short hours away from the worst day of the entire year: December 26th. The day of my death, or my soul’s death at least. It is extremely likely that I place WAY too much weight on this time of year, which leads me to be disappointed a lot when December comes to a close. Maybe this year I can find some small ways to make Christmas last longer and possibly never end at all.


I don’t have a life lesson for you, except maybe that you should not let Christmas stress you out. Don’t be like me and place all of your emotional money on one day of the year; the smarter approach is to expect little so that you’re pleased when just one thing goes right. Christmas is a time of love and happiness and charity but also a time of greed and envy and relatives who won’t leave you alone. Take time for yourself. Breathe. As the wise woman Hannah Montana once said, “Life’s what you make it so let’s make it rock”. This applies to Christmas too. Don’t let little things ruin your holiday happiness, especially if you’re like me and holiday happiness is your life source.

I am excited and sad to come back in a week and tell you all about my holidays!


Emily G.


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  1. How about you save a present or two for December 26? Maybe then it wouldn’t feel like the whole thing is so abruptly over on the 25th?

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