T-minus 6 days until freedom

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I am walking around the indoor track at Eppley like usual. I am the only one on it right now, but like 30 minutes ago it was PACKED because some running or lifting team was using it to time themselves. It was all fun and games until they started playing music out loud from their phones–it’s a little hard for me to Quizlet when old school Avril Levigne is playing!

Here are some photos from this past week:

I ordered these extra special gloves and promptly lost them the day after they arrived :(
I ordered these extra special gloves and promptly lost them the day after they arrived 🙁
My face does a new thing this year where it gets all rashy and red whenever it’s cold :/
Trying out my new Christmas dress!
the Testudo offerings begin!
the Testudo offerings begin!
The Christmas tree is finally up at Union Station!!
I am an egg
Facetiming my momma for her birthday

It’s raining right now, so the weather is reflecting my mood. I know that there will be a time in my life when I look back at my first exam week in college as a funny, distant memory, but for now this upcoming week is large and daunting. I imagine I am a tiny person on an abandoned street with Godzilla or King Kong (I don’t really know the difference) or maybe even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man coming to stomp me. Of course, in reality, he is coming to stomp not only me but all students all over the country. It’s a community stomping (although many of my friends only have 1-3 exams, so I am definitely going to be stomped harder than they are).

Unfortunately for me, a person who would like to use all of today and tomorrow mentally preparing and resting up, I have classes today. It’s the super official “last day of classes” and I absolutely must go to them because the most recent material is always the most prominent material on an exam. Then tonight I have to eat dinner early so I can be back in time for my floor Christmas party at 7. My plan is to make an appearance there and do the Secret Snowflake exchange and then duck out in time to meet some of the puppies at the destressing event at the CCC. Somehow I have to do all that and classes and a crapload of new notes and studying, so you can see why I’m not super excited and relaxed today.

Tomorrow will be “reading day” and I will be running around going to different review sessions! On both Wednesday and Thursday I have two exams, the first starting at 8am. I am sad I won’t be able to run in the morning those days, but there should be plenty of time in the afternoon for me to run and study and relax a bit.

Friday is empty, save for a Chem “final exam viewing” session, and then I will have my final exam on Saturday until 3:30pm. My plan at that point is to drive home, unpack, and morph fully into my true self: Ultimate Christmas Emily. I have been finding it very difficult this year to cultivate the Christmas spirit; college is a place of collective suffering and, as a result, binge drinking, not a place of cheer and goodwill to men. When I get home this weekend, I will have one full week before Christmas and I will have to use it very wisely and cultivate enough Christmas spirit to last me through my yearly post-holiday depression (yes, I think that’s a real thing).

Over the break, I want to:

  • finally finish the Enchanted Garden coloring book I got last year for Christmas (I almost finished it over the summer but then college started)
  • finally finish “The Red Tent”
  • read at least 3 new novels
  • volunteer a lot!!!!!
  • start the Christmas coloring book I bought at a Hallmark sale in June (maybe finish it too!)
  • watch 1000000 christmas movies
  • buy new school supplies for second semester
  • bake some bread (my favorite kind of bread to bake is chocolate chip peanut butter banana bread! the best part is that no one else in my family likes banana bread so it’s all for me)
  • do lots of other cool relaxing things that I can’t think of right now

What’s getting me through this week is knowing how FREE I will be next week. This week is just frontloading, and if anyone knows how to frontload, it’s me. I am the queen of frontloading and getting ahead. And if suffering for the next six days allows me to be totally free and relaxed and chill for Christmas, the most important day of my year, then I guess I am willing to do it.

I am going to skip the life lesson because I am not feeling very philosophical and wise today. Instead, I ask that you send me positive and encouraging vibes to power me through the next 5 exams! I need them now more than ever.

Merry almost-Christmas!


Emily G.




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