‘Twas the week before finals

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I am not feeling very excited to be alive today. I know that I only have to get through this week and next week, but that still feels like a very long journey. I was hoping to have a long weekend this upcoming weekend, but all of my teachers are having class on the Monday of exam week (very uncool) and I don’t want to miss the last classes before exams. On Tuesday I have nothing, but then on both Wednesday and Thursday I have two exams (four hours of testing), and on Thursday those exams are literally back to back. It’s not going to be the easiest day of my life, that’s for sure, but hopefully my mom and I will be going to a big Christmas lights display that night. Friday I am free again, and then I have my very last exam on Saturday at 1:30pm. Then I am out of here!

I didn’t mean to, but I already started packing for winter break. I was going to leave it for next weekend but last night I was overcome with a very intense sense of urgency and I couldn’t calm down until I made a detailed packing list and outfit plan for the next two weeks, as well as an hour-by-hour breakdown of exam week. I ended up with no free time at all because I wasted it all being a crazy person, and then I didn’t fall asleep until about 10pm worrying about inconsequential things. So now it’s Monday morning and I am neither relaxed or rested. If I’m lucky I will be able to carve out some time to watch Gilmore Girls this afternoon (just started it yesterday!), but I don’t see that happening. I have a mid-term on Wednesday to study for and many class notes to put into Quizlet. I am tired and I want a break but life stops for no one.

This week should be a little easier than normal because I will have no lab (yay!), which frees up about 5 hours of my time (3 hours for the actual lab, 2 hours of work on the lab report). Still, like I said, I have a big exam on Wednesday and if I don’t do very well on it I will end up with a B in Chemistry, which would probably make me cry. Today I have to renew my locker rental at Eppley and get all the studying done I couldn’t over the weekend because I was so busy going on field trips and running trail races.

Before I forget, here are some photos from this past week:

Got to wear my rain boots for the first time!
Got to wear my rain boots for the first time!
My friends stole this tree out of the woods and now it is our hall’s Christmas tree
My dad delivered me hummus snacks because all the ones on my campus got recalled
My dad delivered me hummus snacks because all the ones on my campus got recalled
Life Sciences field trip to Botanic Gardens (I used public transporation without an adult!)
The best part about coming home is seeing my bff, our Christmas tree named Oliver

I cannot think of an actual life lesson but I definitely suggest that you:

  • eat a vegetable every day because it is good for you
  • keep the covers on your razor heads so you do not mutilate your fingers like I did
  • go for a walk when you’re stressed out
  • sit far away from the potentially homeless man in the library for the sake of ur olfactory receptors
  • eat a little bit of chocolate every day just because
  • plan ahead but not to the point that you’re an obessive robot who can’t sleep like me (there is a balance. I am working backwards toward it but most of you need to walk toward it)
  • hide all of your clothes, money, and valuables from your sister who sees your room as a department store in which everything is free and nothing is returnable

I think that’s it for now. I finished this post early because it’s kind of short so now I am going to watch Gilmore Girls.

Please wish me luck on this upcoming week. If you are capable of sending specific feelings, I would appreciate motivation, peace, calm, and strength.


Emily G.

(p.s. here is a funny photo of me chillin with some cacti)


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  1. Some of your pictures are sideways I’m not sure why. Also the Gilmore Girls seems to be pretty cool tell me what happens!

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