Thanksgiving week 2016!

Hi blog!

Usually I get to the track at Eppley at like 6:40am and don’t start my blog post until after 7, but today instead of studying I ended up watching HIMYM without headphones (I forgot to bring my iPhone 7 adapter) while walking around the track so now it’s really after 7. I am going to try to make this post relatively brief because I want to watch another episode before I have to start my real life.

Here are some things I did this week:

  • put up more Christmas decorations
  • started a popular Thanksgiving countdown on my whiteboard
  • started studying for exams
  • started packing for Thanksgiving weekend way too early (but I’d rather start early and forget nothing than start late and forget a crucial cardigan or pair of heels!)
  • defrosted my mini fridge
  • spent a lot of time worrying about registering for classes (it will finally be all behind me today at 3:45pm!)
  • changed my bedding and lint-rolled the floor
  • ran 12 miles with my dad
  • watched a lot of Westworld and HIMYM
Wall tree!
Wall tree!
I still need candy for my advent calendar
Graffiti running shoes bc i’m hella gangster
I get cold bumps on my hands :(
I get cold bumps on my hands 🙁

I think that just about sums last week up. This week should be relatively easy but I am not going to say that out loud because I don’t want to jinx it; also I still have a ton of things left to do before the holiday weekend really starts. I have a big test today at 2pm and I register for classes at 3:45pm. I also have to run tomorrow and go to 2.5 hours of class and try to beat traffic back to Germantown. Plus there’s packing, cleaning, and laundry to do. And yes, there’s more! My floor is doing Secret Snowflake so I need to go to Stamp or the convenience store and put together a cute 10-15 dollar gift for a person I have talked to a total of two times.

Once I get through today and half of tomorrow, there will be more fun things to do. Tuesday night I am seeing MOANA, which I have been hyped about since my junior year in high school. On Wednesday I get to make my pie and go to Friendsgiving. Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving, which is stressful but at least represents the kick-off of the most wonderful time of the year (CHRISTMAS). On Friday I am going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (cue Harry Potter theme music). Saturday will ideally be Christmas decorating(!!!!) and I need to head back kind of early on Sunday so I don’t get stuck in traffic.

Here is a super speed life lesson:

Changing environments can make work seem less monotonous. 

No one is going to tell you that it’s easy to study for 7 hours with basically no breaks. But sometimes it has to be done. My friends do it when they procrastinate a big essay or studying for an exam, I do it when I get stuck in what I call “urgency mode” and must get everything done right away for fear I will be crushed by the weight of it. Either way, studying for a super long time is less terrible and scary when you switch it up! I always like to start in the library, because it is pretty and quiet, and since it’s a working environment, will start you off in the right state of mind. Then I usually get hungry after a while and go to a coffee shop or convenience store (unless I packed snacks). Coffee shops are also good places to study. Dining halls too–use the quiet room!) After I spend a couple hours in different places I take a walk and head back to my dorm, where I finish up the work. I find it is best to finish in my dorm because:

  • it is the hardest place to focus (but that’s okay because at this point I’m mostly done)
  • all my textbooks and other fact-checking resources are there

In general, it is probably best not to study for 7 hours straight unless you absolutely have to. But if you do, I highly reccomend not doing it all in your tiny cement room. Stretch your legs and take advantage of the other quiet nooks and crannies available!

That’s all for this week!

Next week I will tell you all about the movies I saw and food I cooked/baked 🙂

Wish me luck, internet!

Emily G.

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