It’s Christmas now because I said so

Hi blog!

I am at Eppley again walking around their indoor track. There is an arrow at the beginning of the track that tells you which direction to go, as well as indicators as to which lane is for runners, joggers, etc. People don’t listen to the rules, which kind of frustrates me. They walk/run in whatever lane they want in whatever direction they want, and then get mad when I don’t get our of their way. Why should I move? I am in the walking lane. So long as the two running lanes are not full, they have no reason to come into my lane. Besides, I am not moving for people running inside in sweatsuits and TRASH BAGS. Newsflash: it isn’t going to make you magically skinny!!!

Anyway, I got a lot of things done this week. Here are just a few:

  • took a BSCI207 mid-term
  • had a terrible day at lab
  • had a pulsing headache for three days straight
  • saw a cute goat
  • had so much to do I wanted to die
  • didn’t die
  • came home for 24 hours
  • hit up Montgomery Mall on the way back for Bath & Body Works and Build-a-Bear Workshop (both commonly referred to as BABW)
  • watched Elf
  • finished my Christmas list
  • had a full Sunday on campus for the first time since I don’t even know
  • slept for 10 full hours thanks to Daylight Savings Time 🙂
What a lil cutie
What a lil cutie
Testudo help a girl out this week!!
Testudo help a girl out this week!!
Buffy the elf what’s ur fave color
Silver bells silver bells it’s Christmastime in Centreville
My family went to the Marine Ball and I did not
So chilly
Call me an elf ONE MORE TIME

This week is very daunting. I have a mandatory advising appointment today, a big chem test on Wednesday, and a humongous, two-essay exam in a class I already don’t like (Colonial Latin America) on Thursday. The good news is that not that UNIV100 is over, Thursdays should be pretty chill after 12:15pm and I can use that time to get ahead for the weekend. More good news: the time switch means I will be doing less dark running, and we are only two weeks away from Thanksgiving!

Here are some life lessons:

Life Lesson #1: Little time adds up!

A lot of college is going in-between things, like classes, or waiting for the classes to start. Most people get to class at least 10 minutes early so as to get a good seat, and then they use that 10 minutes to socialize or do something dumb on their phones. They waste that 10, sometimes even 20, minute period, even after they goofed off on their phones for the entirety of the 10 minute walk to the class building. If you have 3 classes a day, which I would say is probably the average, that means losing at least an hour every day that you could have used to study. In the moment, it might not feel like you have anything to do, but when you are really pressed for time that night you will wish you had that hour back.

Of the many habits I developed on my path to becoming a crazy person, utilizing “little time” has probably been one of the most useful. I quizlet (yes, that’s a verb now) or run flashcards on the way to class or to meals, and while I’m waiting for class to start, I can usually knock out a few pages of one of my many readings. This way, when I sit down in the afternoon to complete the rest of my assignments, I already have a headstart on most of them. I don’t feel like I want to die quite so much.

I think that it is this habit, paired with an inability to procrastinate, that has allowed me to never pull an all-nighter in my educational career thusfar. My friends have pulled at least a dozen each, and I can’t remember a time I had to do homework past 8 or 9pm. I use my little time throughout the day to pay it forward . I save myself from suffering later, and when later comes and I’m just chillin, I always think “thanks, past Emily!”

Life Lesson #2: People are bound by different chains

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not count calories. I don’t even do it on purpose anymore, but at any time of the day I can tell you how many calories I have consumed. To be clear, I am not restricting my caloric intake in any way, but calorie counting was such a big part of my life from ages 8-14 that it is part of my brain, silenting calculating. I’m fine with this. I feel like it may make me better at math. But I am so used to being a calorie-conscious person that I am shocked when people are blatantly unaware of how much they are consuming. People at the diner get entire plate-fulls just for curly fries. And yes, curly fries are ballin, but do we really need 1000+ calories of them? Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, though, I am cool with people eating plate-fulls of fries. I am cool with people doing what they need/want to do to be happy. I make it a point not to comment about how much/how little food people are consuming because I hate when people do it to me. I am just always surprised that the person eating 1,000 calories of french fries doesn’t think about it the way I would. They don’t think “1,000 calories of french fries”, they think “yum, french fries!”, and that’s gotta be a pretty chill way to live life. Even when I consume absurd amounts of food, which I do several times a year, I think about the numbers. Hell yeah I will eat a sleeve of Oreos but I will also do the math; it’s too embedded in my brain for me to not.

Other people are bound by kinds of math that I am not. Money is the main one. It’s not that I’m not conscious of money, I am just not in a place in my life when I am calculating exactly how much I am spending in a day. I’ve gone out to dinner with friends who looked at the price of the entree while I decided what appetizer and dessert I wanted; they had to look at money first and I didn’t even think to. To be honest, I didn’t even begin glancing over the price column on menus until I was 15 or 16 years old. I just ordered what I wanted and that was that.

What I am trying to say with this life lesson is that while our embedded quirks and limitations seem so central to us, other people have limitations we haven’t even considered. They see the world in a completely different light, bound by completely different numbers. I think it is really important to have frequent encounters with people who think and feel differently than you do; otherwise, you will forget that problems outside your own exist. You gotta put your crap in perspective sometimes and tell yourself to shut up.

That’s all for now, blog!

Please wish me luck on my many exams and essays and labs 🙁

Emily G.



2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas now because I said so

  1. Wait, you mean curly fries have calories?? Oh, man.
    By the way, sometimes your pictures are sideways or upside down–not sure why that is.
    I’m confident you’ll do well on your assignments, tests, and so on. 🙂

  2. Budgeting your time the way you do is recommended by time management people and life coaches. They say many hours a week can be carved out by those little chunks of time you mentioned. Hope your week is going well! Missed you at the ball.

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