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The last week before marathon #3!

Hi blog!

I did not sleep very well last night; for some reason I always have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights. I think this is due to a number of factors, in no particular order:

  • nervousness about upcoming week
  • sadness about being back to the grind
  • being too tired to fall asleep
  • being way too hot because me and Josephine both go home basically every weekend so no one is around to monitor the temperature/humidity in our room

People in my dorm are always up and about and making a lot of noise late at night, too. When I am relaxed and comfortable enough to fall asleep within the first hour of laying down, the noise doesn’t bother me. But when I am already frustrated about lack of sleep, the screaming outside my door excaberates my discomfort.

I did a lot of things this week, including:

  • attending my one-on-one meeting with Jess, one of the directors of my Scholars program
  • getting out of lab 90 minutes early
  • tapering (I did 5, 5, 5 instead of 5, 8, 5)
  • getting out of colloquium 90 minutes early
  • making a “finsta”
  • going home for the weekend
  • packing my post-marathon goodie bag
  • running 12 with my dad in chilly weather
  • getting stuck in an hour of dreadful traffic on the highway I always forget the name of (the one in-between 270 and my school)
  • doing lots of laundry
Vegan cheesecake at the diner!
Vegan cheesecake at the diner!
Testudo is the king of autumn
Jay Z is on everyone's door
Jay Z is on everyone’s door
Marathon prep!
Marathon prep!

This week I have many more things to accomplish. This morning around opening time I am going to pop over to the History Advising Office to talk about minor requirements. I also have to do all my laundry from over the weekend and start my BSCI207 homework due Wednesday, all before my 11am lecture.

This week I am really focusing on tapering and relaxing (both things I am notoriously bad at). I need to take some extra rest days according to my schedule but we will see how many I really let myself have. I am hoping the extra time I spend not exercising will allow me to get ahead in my homework and studying so this weekend will be easier on me mentally. Also: I am really hoping that it is not too cold on race day!! I don’t usually mind cold weather running but my race outfit will be way cuter if I don’t have to wear dumb running leggings underneath. Also, as beneficial as cool weather is during the race, it’s not so fun standing in the dark and cold waiting for the race to start!

Ok I have blabbered enough. Time for some life lessons.

Life Lesson #1: Never do things when everyone else does things

A lot of people avoid doing important things because they’ve only experienced those things at their busiest hour. They don’t go to the gym because they’ve only ever seen it at its height at 4pm on weekdays; they don’t do laundry because they’ve only seen the laundry room at 6pm on a Sunday. Lots of these places are totally dead if you hit them at the right time, but you don’t realize this until you find the right time.

Over the last few years I have gradually polarized my schedule from that of my peers. We still have a good deal of overlap (like 10am-8pm), but we have enough non-overlap that I can use facilities when they are completely empty. I do my laundry in the mornings, letting the machine run while I shower, and I have yet to see anyone in the laundry room before 9am. When I need to do my laundry later in the day, I know the machines are always available on Thursday nights, when everyone is ready to go out and get drunk. Even though Eppley has already been open for over 90 minutes, the only people in here right now are the elderly and the die-hard body builders. There’s not really any waiting for machines or treadmill time limits, which is why I like it.

I have only used the laundry room once at its prime hour and I will never do it again. I have purposefully never been to Eppley after 3pm, because from what I have heard it is a literal jungle and I have no tolerance for spaces like that.

On one hand, I want people to see how empty and quiet and nice the world can be when things aren’t packed. I want them to see that doing laundry at college is doable and that Eppley is not ALWAYS a jungle. But, on the other hand, if I tell people my secrets, and they  listen, the world will be less empty and quiet and nice for me. This problem is likely solved for me: no matter how much I preach, my friends aren’t going to start going to the gym at 6am. I am safe.

Life Lesson #2: College kids are just that: kids

As college freshmen, we still have a great deal of growing up to do. For me, that means becoming more emotionally mature and (eventually) more financially independent. For my friends with greater emotional and financial independence than me, that means changing their sheets, washing their underwear, and eating a fruit or vegetable occasionally.

It still shocks me how little room hygiene college kids have (“room hygiene” is what I call changing and washing your sheets, vaccuuming, dusting, and removing rotten food from your mini fridge). Sometimes, when I am riding the elevator down to the basement laundry room while carrying all my bedding, people ask what I’m doing, as if washing your bedding is a new concept to them. I have never seen anyone else washing their bedding so far. You guys really need to wash your bedding. And occasionally eat something other than diner fries.

That’s pretty much it. I think we are all doing a pretty good job adjusting to college life overall,  I would just like people to be a little cleaner so that my level of clean is not bizarre in comparison 🙂

Lesson #3: Do not spite the great Testudo

This will be a brief life lesson. I just wanted to address the person/people that stole Testudo’s autumn decorations, as well as any other terps who think it’s fine to remove his offerings:

It is not fine. You think it’s fine now, but Testudo will have his revenge. Your exam grades will reflect your very rude deeds.

Also, taking things from Testudo is rude to your fellow terps. One of your peers made or bought something specifically for Testudo. Giving him his offering made them feel better about their upcoming academic endeavors. The things left on Testudo are not for you. Don’t take them. If anything, let the cleaning staff gauge what’s valuable and what’s not and donate what they can.

That’s all for this week! I have to head back to the dorm and get dressed so I can go get my advising!


Emily G.

(p.s. A week from today I will be writing about my third marathon!!! Eek! #mcm2016 #excited)

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  1. The road you can’t remember is the Beltway – 495.

    I get that Sunday night blues thing too sometimes. It think it’s pretty common.

    All hail Testudo!! 🙂

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