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Hello midterms

Hi blog!

Right now I am making laps around Cambridge Community because Mondays (rest days) are the hardest days in terms of reaching my Fitbit step goal. I am happy I only have two classes today because I am still fighting with my body (my body says it’s sick but I say it is not) and I am not feeling it today. As much as I appreciate routine, there are still days that I get sick of the monotony of a weekly structure.

Here are some things I did last week:

  • survived a whole week of college in the rain
  • did my first run indoors at Eppley (too rainy)
  • carved time out of a weekday to hang out with my dad
  • took my first midterm
  • went home for the weekend
  • had my first night in the house with no parents all night
  • ran 12 miles in on-and-off torrential rain with mom (dad was at IMMD and was basically running a marathon in standing water, which makes him way more hardcore than us)
  • set up my iPhone 7 (which I am using now)

img_8183 img_8189

Here are some things I am going to do this week:

  • stop being sick
  • fix my dumb ankle thing (I have two pairs of running shoes: one gives me blisters and the other gives me ankle pain. Cannot win)
  • take two more midterms (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • turn in a 5-7 page essay (Thursday)
  • probably go home again for at least one night of the weekend
  • run 20 miles
  • feel less stressed

On some level I feel guilty for spending so much time at home, as if that makes me less of a college student. On the other hand, I really like my room and my stuff and my family and dogs and piggies. There is really very little to do that interests me on campus on the weekends; most of my friends go home or get drunk. I guess I will just keep doing whatever I feel like doing and see what happens.

Okay, time for some life lessons:

Life Lesson #1: I am not sick unless I say I’m sick

I think a lot of people underestimate the resilience of their own bodies. No, you do not need to skip all your classes and stay in bed all day because you have a runny nose. Rest is one thing; sloth is another. I’m all for self-care and doing what you need to do, but to me that means carrying a tissue pack and drinking extra fluids, not transforming into a couch potato.

I have always found that when I’m sick, laying around in my own sickness all day does not make me feel any better. Showering makes me feel better. Living my life makes me feel better.  If “mind over matter” is true, then acting sick will make you sick and acting well will make you well.

So I am acting well. I blow my nose a lot but other than that I am a fully functional person who exercises and goes to the grocery store. I am getting better slowly, but probably still more quickly than I would have had I stayed in bed all weekend

I would like to note that I am talking mostly about colds. If your doctor tells you that you need to be on strict bedrest, please listen to your doctor. What do I know anyway? I am 18. Listen to your doctor. Still, chances are he/she will not tell you to treat your common cold with lethargy.

Life Lesson #2: Everybody needs orthotics

I spend a good amount of time people-watching, and I don’t know what it is about my school but everyone here walks so bizarrely. I just walked past a kid walking only on the front of his feet, like a ballerina. I see a lot of stompers (people who land so hard on the ground it makes a very audible sound) and a lot of bowlegged people. None of them seem to notice that they are walking weird.

I am probably hyperaware of form because I’m always working to improve my running form, and because I’ve been wearing orthotic inserts basically my entire life. As a person who wears orthotic inserts, I think all of these people really need to call their podiatrist. I am mentally begging them to do so because I am worried one day their bodies will just collapse from all the weirdness.

This weird form issue also applies to the “runners” on campus that run from their dorms to the gym as a warm-up (sorry for the pretentiom, but I feel like you have to run at least a mile a week to identify as a runner). They run SO WEIRD. And I know they probably don’t know because they don’t run that often but I just want to take them to a stride clinic before their bodies revolt. As a former bouncy runner, I can say that bouncy running is not efficient. It expends a lot of energy and gets you nowhere. Yet, I see many bouncy runners, and criss-crossy arms runners, and cotton t-shirt runners (or worse–white cotton socks runners).

One day when I am an orthopedist I will fix them all. For now I will just learn from their bizarre form mistakes.

Alright blog, I have to go do some household chores. I have to shower and vaccuum and do the laundry. I am basically a housewife for like two hours every week.

Please wish me luck on my lab tomorrow (I hate lab), my midterms on Wednesday and Thursday, and my big essay too.

See you next week!

Emily G.

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