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Autumn and race season are upon us

Hi blog!

I am not excited that it’s Monday. In my head it was just Thursday night and I was excited about how close I was to the weekend. Now it’s early Monday morning and I am very far from the weekend 🙁 plus Monday means I’m approaching another Tuesday, and I find Tuesdays to be very stressful.

I went home this past weekend for DC VegFest and for one of my two 20-mile training runs. VegFest was fun and I got really fat. My mom and dad got fat also, but my dad was forever scarred by a vegan hot dog with sub-par consistency. If I remember correctly, what I got was: chicken drummies, a cheeseburger thing and fries, Ben & Jerry’s, and some other cookies and samples and stuff. So yummy. I also got an adorable pig necklace that I plan on wearing every day.

Saturday night I forced my family to watch a 1970s movie with me (I was required to watch it for my American Jewish History class). It was called Hester Street and it was pretty abysmal. The storyline was unclear, the fake accents were uncomprehensible, and the character arcs were predictable. Still, sometimes watching a bad movie is a good bonding experience because it gives you lots of things to laugh about later.

Sunday morning me and my dad drove to Silver Spring early and ran all the way to the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. I really like that route because of all the dogs and willow trees. I ate lots of bloks and had little mechanical difficulty, which made me feel very strong and cool, especially when thinking about how much trouble I had with this run last year. My dad had some calf heart attacks and plantar fasicitis flare-ups, so I hope I did not ruin him for his big Iron Man Maryland this weekend. Oh, I almost forgot to brag about the fact that the run ended up being 21 miles instead of 20. I love bonus miles!

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As fun and relieving it is to cross my longest run off my training schedule, 20 mile running days are hard. I didn’t home until 2pm and then had to leave for UMD at 5. I barely had any time to study for my mid-term today (how could I be having mid-terms already? I just got here like yesterday). Also, for some bizarre and unfair reason, my body did not let me fall asleep until almost midnight last night. As tired as I was, my brain came up with about 1,000 things to be very anxious about. I couldn’t turn it off. It was also really hot in my room so I just kept rolling around drenched in sweat and freaking out for three hours. It was decidedly unpleasant.

Ok, let’s do some life lessons.

Life Lesson #1: Tuesday night is the turning point of the week

A lot of people will probably disagree with me on this, but I feel like once you get Monday and Tuesday out of the way, Friday isn’t so far off. We can all agree that Mondays are the worst, not only because ofback-to-reality depression but also because Mondays are very far away from Fridays. Tuesdays aren’t much better. But for me, Tuesdays are my most difficult days by far. Wednesdays are long but mentally easier, and Thursdays are pretty chill. So once I get to Tuesday night, I know I can make it through the week.

Still, I felt this way about Tuesday nights even before my Tuesdays were so terrible. Wednesdays are the official halfway point, but we all know that the second half of things always goes way faster than the first. This is because when you start the first half of something, you know in your soul you have a lot more to do than just that half. It’s scary to be so far from the finish line. But by the time you get to the second half of something, you know you are capable of completing it because you completed the first half. You can use what you learned during the first half to create a smoother second half experience for yourself.

What I am saying is that Wednesday-Friday passes much more quickly and smoothly than Monday-Wednesday. Subsequently, Tuesday night becomes the turning point because it is so very close to Wednesday.

As I am writing this, at 7:31am on a Monday, I feel lightyears away from Friday. But Tuesday night? I can do that.

Life Lesson #2: If it’s not done by 6pm on Sunday night, it’s not getting done

I am going to try really hard not to let this life lesson become another rant villifying procrastination and laziness.

I used to be the kind of person who waited until Sunday evening after dinner to even pull out my homework for the weekend. And it sucked. Because I didn’t even preview the tasks, I had no idea what I was in for every Sunday night. I didn’t know if I was in for 20 minutes of math homework or three hours of math homework, because I never even skimmed the worksheet I was given. Sunday nights became a very stressful and dramatic event, because often I found I had far more to do than I could fit in one night without compromising quality. This habit also heightened my Sunday night depression, because it transformed the last moments of my weekend into a whirlwind of stress and regret.

Many times, I could not finish all of my work in the short span of time I’d left for myself. So, I pushed it off until Monday morning. But then I’d oversleep on Monday, pushing the homework to lunch period. And then drama would happen at lunch that I obviously HAD to be apart of. So I would either scramble to finish the work in the last minutes before class or turn it in unfinished (or worse, give up and not turn it in at all). Of course, being young and stupid, I was mad at my teacher for grading my incomplete/subpar work so harshly. And because I recognized this to be my teacher’s fault and not mine, I would wait until Sunday evenig to do my homework the following weekend as well.

So maybe the title of this life lesson is a little broad. What I mean to say is that if an assignment isn’t complete by Sunday evening, it isn’t going to be done WELL. And it’s not your teacher’s fault your work is poor, it’s the fault of your own time management scheme.

What I suggest is trying to structure your time so you don’t have much left to do, or preferably, anything to do, on Sunday evenings. Sunday evenings are already sad and difficult–don’t make them even more sad and difficult by cramming a whole weekend’s worth of homework into them. Make Sunday nights fun so they don’t make you want to die so much. Finish your homework early, have a fun dinner, watch a movie, and get a good night’s sleep so that the typical hardships of Monday aren’t exacerbated by exhaustion. Do yourself this favor.

And, as a bonus, your grades will improve as they begin to reflect meaningful work rather than rushed panicky work. Hurray!

Alright, blog, I have to take a shower now and stage for the day. I am pretty nervous for my midterm at 2pm, but on the bright side, taking a midterm in biology today means I won’t have to spend an hour entering class notes into my biology quizlet sets!

Wish me luck today and send me good vibes for my big scary lab tomorrow!

Emily G.

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