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Baseball, malls, and Robb Stark the baby bird

Hi blog!

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I have a whole list of other things I’d like to get done today.

Here’s a quick recap of some things I did this week:

  • saw the new Star Trek movie (ehh)
  • went to a Nationals game!
  • went to Tyson’s corner and bought some cute Disney stuff
  • finished Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (which was honestly a huge letdown and a disgrace to Hermione)
  • watched Miss Congeniality
  • did a lot of weight training
  • went to help my mom set up her library a few times
  • ran 14 miles in 95 degrees (I know, omfg)
  • went stand-up paddleboarding and did not die!
  • ordered some more textbooks

image image image image image image image

The last photo is of the baby bird we found. Me and my brother, both newly GOT-obsessed, named him Robb Stark (RIP). We fashioned him a homemade nest and left him under his tree. He later disappeared, so my hope is that his mother accepted him back into  the nest! Still, I’m sure little Robb would appreciate well wishes.

Here’s one big life lesson I learned this week: Scary things are still worth doing.

Now, I’m not suggesting that ALL scary thing are worthwhile activities. Some things are scary for an evolutionary purpose (ex. fires and creepy men in black hoodies). Engaging with fires and creepy men is probably not worth doing.

I’m talking about the things that are scary but not really, really scary. Like rollercoasters, long-distance triathlons, and going to college. Yes, these things are scary, but they are probably not going to kill you. I suppose I am referring more to activities that make you feel challenged rather than afraid for your life.

I think challenging things are worth doing simply because of the relief and accomplishment one feels when overcoming the thing. There is no feeling like finishing your first half-marathon, marathon, IronMan, whatever it is you do. The feeling of accomplishment is staggering. It is fun. And you will never get that feeling if you never leave your comfort zone (take it from someone who tries REALLY hard to stay in her comfort zone).

Yesterday I broke all my own rules and spontaneously went stand-up paddleboarding. It was scary. It was fun. I fell off, I got wet, I was attacked by a flying insect. I didn’t think I would like it, but I did. And I never would have known that had I not dropped everything and joined my family. I count this experience as an experience that was worth doing, even though I was very nervous going into it.


Ok, short and sweet.

See you next week, blog!

Emily G.

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