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I am an overpacker, but I am also Lord of the Flies

Hello internet

I know I said last week was a “very productive” week, but this week puts last week to shame! Go me. Here’s some very prouctive things I did in the last seven days:

  • bought some basic groceries for college (mostly bloks and gu)
  • bought clear storage boxes and filled them up with small miscellaneous crap
  • organized things in general
  • did a lot of strengh training
  • emptied out my office (actually sad about this)
  • emptied the miscellaneous clear boxes, took inventory of everything I have, and reorganized it all into a variety of larger sherbert-colored bins
  • packed up my printer
  • packed up my Brita
  • started packing running clothes and shoes
  • went to DC with my family! (HipCityVeg gets more awesome every time)
  • ran in College Park to practice running routes
  • started packing for camping
  • made some progress on the new Harry Potter book
  • went to a movie party with my childhood/neighborhood friends
  • went out to lunch with my dad and brother, and my mom showed up too!

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So, like I said, I got a lot done! I made what I’m pretty sure is my final Amazon purchase for college things. I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of crap to bring with me. I am relying on my hyperactive skills of organization to help me cram it all in when I arrive on August 25th.

Before I launch into a couple life lessons, I should explain how I became the lord of the flies. I went downstairs to bike on Friday morning, and to my surprise, the basement had been taken over by a dozen or so baby flies (and there were like 30 more in the old guinea pig cage!). They didn’t bother me all that much, but I did not like their presence. I commanded them not to touch me, and most of them obeyed. So now I am their lord. Most of them are dead now, of course, because we got rid of the old enclosure and put a fly trap down there. But still, I was briefly a lord.

And as a lord, I present to you two life lessons:

Life Lesson #1: Time is very rude and has no regard for my rules or desires

I spend a lot of time thinking about time. I think about how many hours I have until I have to do something. I think about how many hours of sleep I will get if a fall asleep at a certain moment. I think about what exact time will represent the “halfway point” of my day, which varies based on what time I wake up and how late I will be out that evening. Case in point, I think about time a lot. And the passage of time.

So what has all this thinking led me to conclude? Basically this: Time is a giant jerk. I could also say that the passage of time is irregular, frustrating, and unrelenting, but personifying time seemed like a more fun thing to do.

What bothers me most about time is its irregularity. The mornings go slow, but the days go fast and the weeks go fast. Or the days go slow, the weeks go slow, but the years go fast. Regardless of which factor seems to be passing more slowly, other factors do the opposite. It’s a jerk move. It’s seemingly impossible and totally mind-boggling that seven days in a row can pass extremely slowly, but the week they form seems to have passed quickly. It makes no sense and I want no part of it.

People want Time to be fair. Unfortunately, Time will never be fair, because like I stated previously, Time is a huge jerk. It’s the truth. Some things in life must be accepted without further inquiry or struggle.

Now that you know Time is a jerk, don’t spend too much more time pondering time’s passage. The passage of time is likely never going to make sense to us, because time is a human construct. But let’s not get too existential. Moral of the story: Time is a jerk.

Life Lesson #2: More can be more, if it’s organized properly

We all know the phrase “less is more”, and it holds true in thousands of scenarios. I respect it. I find it to be helpful in a lot of my decision-making. But I also think it is a little oversimplified.

I think the phrase “less is more” argues primarily that simplicity beats clutter, that minimalism wins. The problem here is that I do not believe “more”=clutter or mess. I think that when “more” is beautifully organized and contained, it can appear just as clean and pleasing as “less” does. Of course, I’m not advocating hording or anything. I’m praising thinks like desk organizers, drawer organizers, and pencil/pen organizers.

There is horizontal space and there is vertical space. Organizers usually optimize vertical storage so that you can store more things in less space. Organizers allow everything to have a designated place, which allows your desk/drawer/backpack to appear less cluttered. See? More things, less clutter. It’s possible.

In conclusion, “less is more” almost always holds true, but do not believe for one second that “more” always looks a certain way. “More” can be meticulously organized and visually pleasing while allowing you to have everything you need/want at your disposal. “Less” is good, but “more” is nice too.


Ok, blog, that’s all for now. Today I am going to register for parking at college and go to see the new Star Trek movie! I will leave you with a cute photo of my dog, Maybe:


Emily G.


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  1. I’m not sure more can truly be more, but if anyone can do it–it’s you.

    Time is not a jerk–it just doesn’t care about us. You’re making the most of yours, however!

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