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super fast recap of this week!

Hi blog

I totally procrastinated writing this post and now it’s Monday afternoon and I have other things to do (stressful college things 🙁 how the hell do people reliably rent textbooks?!) I’m going to forego the life lessons format and just give you a quick rundown of what I did this week:


  • bought a super cute mini fridge for my dorm from Best Buy
    • covered it in adorable magnets, obviously
  • I don’t really remember what else I did
  • probably did something productive or worked on reading the Mysterious Benedict Society triolgy


  • tried to strength train (squats, lunges, wall sits) before a seven mile run and strained my right quad
  • it was a deep, angry pain similar to my minor calf strain in January
  • I iced it and hoped for the best
  • I sewed an IronMan bunny for my dad, whose IronMan was this past Sunday (omg!)



  • biked for a while since my quad was still furious with me
  • did some arm work
  • found out my roommate request was not honored (and neither was anybody elses!)
  • had a panic attack
  • went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a fancy compression sleeve for my calf
  • started a Google Docs with my roommate to determine what we need to buy


  • biked again (quad so mad)
  • went to Georgetown with my mom, my non-roommate Eliyah, and her adorable mom Sarah
  • we were supposed to shop for our dorm at Pottery Barn, but turns out we’re not roommates and the Pottery Barn in Georgetown closed (double whammy)
  • we waved at Gabbie Giffords and she waved back from her fancy celebrity Suburban!
  • grabbed lunch at Sweet Green

FullSizeRender (1)


  • ran two miles with some pain from quad
  • biked the normal Friday distance (about 35 miles)
  • went to Dollar Tree and Giant to buy cleaning supplies for my dorm
    • Pine Sol
    • Detergent
    • Dryer sheets
    • wrinkle releaser
    • windex 🙂
  • did more dorm prep in the afternoon
  • went to see my sister in Catch Me If You Can at Montgomery College’s Summer Dinner Theatre
    • it was super fun
    • also went super late 🙁 very tired
i am a real adult
i am a real adult
i don't know how to use this
i don’t know how to use this


  • ran 3 miles on the treadmill (no quad pain!)
  • biked the normal Saturday amount (40 miles)
  • went to Whole Foods
  • learned how to set-up the CamelBak hydration pack after many unsuccessful attempts
  • worked on dorm stuff
  • made these beautiful collages
misc collage
misc collage
ham collage
ham collage


  • biked for 75 minutes
  • ran 9.7 miles with my mom on her bike on CCT (no quad pain!)
  • drank a lot of apple juice
  • organized all my dorm stuff and ordered more essentials
what a cute superhero
what a cute superhero

Here’s what I’m planning to do this week:

  • buy more things for college
  • try to freak out less about college
  • probably freak out about college anyway
  • buy school supplies
  • buy a printer
  • rent textbooks
  • go to lunch with my roommate on Thursday
  • go to Catch Me again on Friday

Ok, that’s all the time I have!

See you next week

Emily G.

(P.S., If I had to post a life lesson this week, it would be that taking a few days off running due to an angry injury is NOT the end of the world! I am strong and great at icing and compressing things. Yay me).

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