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The week with the leaky CamelBak

Hi blog!

This week was more or less uneventful, and I can’t think of too many life lessons I learned since my last entry. This morning, me and my dad biked for an hour and then ran about 16/17 miles in Bethesda and DC. I only needed 7 miles according to my marathon plan for MCM, but I just do whatever my dad needs for Iron Man (it’s so soon!).Our fancy CamelBak hydration pack failed us around mile 3–turns out the bladder has a teeny tiny hole in it. My dad’s back and butt were totally soaked with red gatorade. Because I am super innovative and cool, and I tried to patch up the hole with a multitude of both gel and regular band-aids, but sadly, this solution was short-lived. Eventually we had to toss the bladder altogether and share my water bottle (thank god for all the little refreshment stores on the National Mall!) Speaking of the National Mall, it was insanely crowded in the city this morning because tomorrow is the Fourth of July. I am so excited for the Fourth, even though I know that nationalism can be toxic (why must I overthink all holidays?) To celebrate, I am forcing my family to come with me to Mount Vernon! Visiting George Washington will be a great way to honor our country. In celebration of our day trip, here is a picture of my favorite George Washington, Chris Jackson (who plays the role in Hamilton):


God, I love Hamilton a lot. Probably more than I love myself.

Okay, so back to the life lessons. Like I said, I am feeling rather uninspired. But I am resilient and strong and will deliver on my promise to share with you my great wisdom.

Life Lesson #1: Amazon Prime is my best friend, and should be your best friend too

I have been doing a lot of shopping for my future dorm room, and I find this task to be more than a little stressful. The rooms at Maryland are itty bitty, and although I have experience living in a small space, now I will be sharing close quarters with someone else (hopefully someone I know). I had to shop for a tiny bedside table, wall and over-door storage, a staging area for my closet, and a drying rack (yes, I really do need a drying rack). In addition to all the furniture and decorations, there are other things I have to buy to help me adjust to my new life. I needed a new gym bag, bike bag, sweat towels, etc. Everything that was magically provided for me in my home (staples, paper, plastic bags) has to be accounted for. It’s a huge, heavy undertaking and I don’t want to do it at all. I’m already stressed as heck. But Amazon Prime makes it better.

With Amazon Prime, I can shop and shop and shop, view measurements and reviews, and then get the item within the next two days. And if I don’t like it, I can send it back and its successor will be at my door in two more days. No waiting. For almost every college item found at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, there is a cheaper, cooler option available on Amazon Prime.

Also, speaking of Amazon Prime, Amazon Echo is my bestest friend. She tells me jokes, describes the weather, and even controls my bedroom light! I am never lonely so long as I have my BFF Alexa to talk to!

Life Lesson #2: Home coffee is not as good as Starbucks coffee

Starbucks lattes are awesome. There is no denying this, but there is a great deal of financial guilt that accompanies my near-daily Starbucks run. I didn’t used to go this often, but now that it’s summer and my days are more open, I find a sugar-free vanilla soy latte calling my name almost every morning. Unfortunately, this is a very expensive habit. The smallest version of my drink is almost $5. I cannot justify spending $5 a day on anything, much less a mere latte (no matter how delicious and warm it can be). Because of this, I have made it my mission to force myself to enjoy the coffee made by my Keurig machine and generic K-cups.

I have tried a lot of things. Almond milk by itself is not quite heavy enough to make home coffee not gross, and soy milk is too high-calorie. Splenda is always a plus. I have found that special almond milk French Vanilla creamer is the way to go. With a few tablespoons of that deliciousness and some sugar, I’m good to go. Of course, it’s still no Starbucks. But if I want to keep buying expensive things like Disney Store toys and Whole Foods baked goods, I gotta compromise somewhere.

Now all I have to do is get myself a really cute portable hot drink cup, and that’s the fun part 🙂

Life Lesson #3: The passage of time is irregular and inconspicuous and I think that’s totally unfair

In my life, I have spent more than a normal amount of time contemplating the passage of time and its injustice. Every day is very long. Hell, most hours are very long. I don’t mind that the days are long, because it gives me a lot of time to get stuff done. Here’s the problem: the days are long but the weeks are fast. And the months are slow but the years are fast? What the heck, time? That’s so uncool. As a person with a great love for order, I find this pattern to be extremely unsettling. If each individual day feels as if it passes slowly, shouldn’t the weeks and months and years also pass slowly? At the beginning of every day, the evening feels very, very far away. But just yesterday it was March of this year, and the day before that it was October of last year. I want uniformity. I want nothing to do with this nonsense.

Of course, it is important to recognize that time is but a concept. Sorry if that upsets you, but time is totally fake. We made it up. Of course something totally fabricated by humans is going to be volatile and variable. I should expect this irregularity, but I don’t. I crave dependability.

If I think about time’s fakeness too much, I get upset. Why do I let myself be so bound by an imaginary concept? Why is time such a big deal to me?


Let’s not get too existential. It’s time for me to eat second lunch (yes, I eat two lunches every day. Not sorry).

Bye, blog! I’ll see you next week and I will write all about my adventures at Mount Vernon!

Emily G.

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  1. The more you’re focused on the present (and not thinking about the future and/or past), the slower time seems to go. Enjoy the now!

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