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staying busy while doing nothing

Hi everyone (and by everyone, I mean my one or two occasional readers)!

I can’t believe I am posting on a Monday again. How dare I break my weekly schedule and disrupt the natural order of the universe? I promise I will do better next week (or maybe not? I can’t decide how much I care).

I kind of liked last week’s day-by-day format, so let’s try it out again! Why not, right?

Monday (wait, did I post about this day in my last entry?)

Monday started out miserably with a four-hour mandatory graduation rehearsal at 7:30am at school. It was totally frustrating and completely inefficient, but I survived nonetheless. Afterwards, I drove Eliyah home, went to Giant, posted on this blog, and did some other stuff I can’t remember. I also laid out my cap, gown, chords, tassels, etc. in preparation for graduation on Tuesday.


On Tuesday morning, I ran 7 miles with my dad near the indoor swim center. My mother unexpectedly tagged along for the first two miles, and this scheduling switch-up caused me a lot of anxiety. I was meaner to her than I wanted to be, but we made up after and it all turned out okay. After I finished the run, I headed home and my dad went into the indoor pool to do some more Iron Man training.

Before I forget, I received this adorable bear to celebrate my accomplishments. His name is Brown Bear (not Lance!) after Mindy’s bear in The Mindy Project.


I spent the rest of the morning getting steps and making myself pretty for graduation. I had my mom snap some pics before we left.

We got to DAR Constitution Hall around 1:20 and had to wait outside a while in the heat. When we were finally allowed in, I said goodbye to my family and was forced to stand around with the other graduates for literally over an hour. The girls, all in heels, sat on the ground together and discussed make-up and jewelry while the boys did dumb handshakes and snapchatted. The actual ceremony was about one million hours too long. I was super thirsty the whole time, since I had to dehydrate myself to avoid having to pee during the event (I practice purposeful dehydration a lot, and I am very good at it). After it was over, I took more pictures that I am too lazy to upload. They are cute, though, I promise.

We got stuck in MAJOR traffic because some big-name politician was in town. We arrived at dinner so late that I had a hungry-h0t-anxiety meltdown in the car and totally embarrassed myself in front of everyone. By the time we got to dinner, I had already decided I had no interest in going. To make things worse, they put dairy in my dish and I had to wait for them to remake it. It was all kind of disastrous, but as Kelly Clarkson once said, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.


I don’t remember that well what I did on Wednesday, so here goes nothing. I ran six miles with my dad in the morning, and then worked on some thank-you notes for my graduation gifts. Katie came over around 9am and we spent 3.5 hours watching the double-feature Bachelorette that aired last week (thank god that big lunk Chad got sent home!). I spent the rest of the day in emotional turmoil because I was offered a high-paying but unenjoyable job and could not for the life of me decide what to do. In the end, I turned it down because I am a crazy person who needs to focus on my mental stability and not money.


On Thursday, I ran five miles in the morning by myself. This was by far the best weather I ran in all week–it was 55 and overcast. Nice! I came home and started looking at Hal Higdon training plans for the MCM in October (I’m gonna do Intermediate 1). At lunch time, I met Dad at Nalley Fresh, which I ended up hating. I forced him to uproot himself and take me to Cava instead (aka falafel paradise). We hit up Fleet Feet before parting ways: him to work and me to Clemente to do more volunteering. I drove Mom to pick up her car from the dealership and we got back just in time to watch one of my old middle school friends perform for the rock band class. In the end, I didn’t do much helping in the library at all.

In the evening, I made a new countdown chain that includes the Fourth of July, my 18th birthday, and my departure for college (eek!).


On Friday I did my usual bike ride, this time while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I picked up the show where I left it a few months ago because I finished The Mindy Project last week. Right after I was done biking, I went to Target in search of pajama pants and instead left with Clif bars and a dress for my grandfather’s upcoming wedding. Later, Dad took me to lunch at a Cava-esque restaurant in Crown called Mezeh. It was super yum. We also visited Starbucks and Harris Teeter before I dropped him back at work and went to Clemente again.

In the evening, I did some more coloring!



On Saturday, I did my normal Saturday bike ride and then hit up Whole Foods by myself after. My dad had to leave again this weekend, this time for Eagle Man, a half-IM in Ocean City (on a separate note, I have decided I can totally do a half Iron Man someday! Maybe next year!). I did a lot of reading in the afternoon and commenced packing for my UMD Orientation overnight on June 22nd/June 23rd. In the evening, me and Mom made an appearance at my friend’s graduation party.

Oh, I should mention the knee thing. When I got off the bike on Saturday, I was troubled by a sudden, sharp, annoying pain in my right knee. I stretched it out and iced it intermittently throughout the day and it hasn’t bothered me since 🙂


Dad was gone again, so this week was another Mom bike week! I biked an hour first while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and then I did the usual Union Station 12 with Mom on a Capital Bikeshare bike. She wore some of my dad’s bike gear, which made me think she was Dad every time I caught her in my peripheral.

By the end of the run, it was 90 degrees and SUPER humid. It was 100% unpleasant, but I persevered because I am hardcore and that’s just what I do.

In the afternoon, we played board games with Katie and then all of the kids and Mom went to the grocery store. At night, the Tony Awards aired and I watched a good chunk of it before calling it a night! Hamilton won a lot of stuff 🙂 #yayhamlet



Throughout the week, I read The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone by Adele Griffin, a fictional young adult mystery novel that mimics the interview-y structure of The Laramie Project. It was gripping, thought-provoking, and proved to be an overall great read, although its ending was less conclusive than I had hoped.

This morning I slept in until 6:30am and went to a well visit with my pediatrician around noon. I spilled my coffee all over the floor in the exam room, so that’s good. My new doctor, who seems very cool and hip, said I’m super healthy! She also gave me two shots (one on each arm) that have left me EXTREMELY sore. I have never had a shot debilitate me so. Every time I flex either one of my arms I am met with pretty intense pain that is about 1000x worse than the pain of the shot itself. Please pray for me, as I have to carry a running water bottle for seven miles tomorrow morning.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good week! Let’s see what this week has in store 🙂

Emily G.

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