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The first full week of summer 2016

Hi blog!

I am so sorry I forgot to post on you yesterday. I was so busy playing Animal Crossing and finishing up The Mindy Project that it completely slipped my mind, and by the time I remembered I was already in bedtime mode. So here I am, posting on my blog, tardy by almost twenty-four hours.

Anyway, this week was a mishmash of random activities and responsibilities I made up for myself to stay occupied. I am trying not to let myself get too bored. I am not myself when I’m bored. I like my free time to be structured and well-earned! When I have too much free time, I get lazy, and laziness is the epitome of un-Emilyness.

I am going to try out a new format of blogging this week! I am abandoning paragraphs for the time being. Here’s the breakdown of my week:


Last Monday, my parents accompanied me to Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary for the very first time! It was so much fun, but also involved a good amount of manual labor. They had us sweeping hay and poop and that kind of thing. It was super hot in the sun, and my dad proved the hardest worker of the three of us. At one point, me and my mom got tired of working so we went to meet Emily the blind cow, Edward the Peacock, and some turkeys and chickens. All the workers were vegan and it was really awesome to be surrounded by people with similar ideologies as me! I am super excited to go back, but I feel like I need one or two more chaperoned trips before I am confident going by myself.


On Tuesday, I ran seven miles in the morning. My weekly runs this week were so much easier than last week, because in the morning it’s not too hot yet! I’ve been experimenting with new routes, and that’s always fun. After my run, I watched the Bachelorette (I am committed to watching this whole season!) and goofed off until the cleaning ladies arrived at 12:30, at which point I picked up my friend Kellan and we went to the mall.

I did not buy a lot at the mall. I am gradually becoming a less impulsive shopper. Even though I still get the urge to buy things that don’t quite meet my standards, I can now foresee the consequences of that purchase: guilt and regret! Plus, I realized that I have way too much crap as it is and I really don’t need that much more. (Side note: these new smart shopping skills don’t apply to stuffed animals, and probably never will).

When we got home, the cleaning ladies were still at work, so I turned around and took myself out to Cava for a large afternoon snack/meal. I also ran into Hallmark to buy a new dangly mini candle for my car!


On Wednesday, I ran seven more miles with my dad. It was slower and more relaxed, and I liked that. He took me to Starbucks after, and later in the morning I went to Clemente to help my mom (the media specialist there) shelve books and things like that. I really like helping her out there! Not only does it give me something to do, but it lets me meet up with all my old teachers. They shower me with praise, which is always enjoyable.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, I went out and spent more money. I went to Bath and Body Works and Target, and ended up buying two amazing candles (one of which I’m burning right now), some graduation cards for grad parties, a medium-sized Judy Hopps Tsum Tsum, and an organizer for my nail polish and cosmetics for college. I am happy with these purchases because most of the stuff I got was either really cheap or on sale. See, I told you I was becoming a better shopper!


On Thursday, I ran five miles. It was fine. Not amazing, but not bad at all, and that’s totally OK with me. Dad took me to Starbucks again, and I volunteered with my mom for about an hour before going out to lunch with my grandma at Cava. It was fun and we talked about college and my birthday and made plans for Middle Child Day.

Later that evening, I was stressing about college so I made this beautiful art:



On Friday, I biked two hours in the morning while watching the Mindy Project, which might be one of my favorite sitcoms now. It’s so witty and feminist, I can’t help but binge watch it at every opportunity. I went to Whole Foods later that morning and stocked up on my weekly baked goods. In the afternoon, I visited my mom for two hours and did more shelving and organizing and things like that.

In the late afternoon, I drove up to Michael’s to meet my mom and Lena, who are both embarking on crochet projects for me (Mom is making me a throw blanket for college and Lena is making me a scarf to celebrate my graduation!)! They wanted me to help them pick out colors. On the way there, the rain got so insanely bad that I had to pull over at Mother Seton church and wait for it to clear up a little. I think I baby-hydroplaned like four times and it was really scary. After Michael’s was done, Lena took me and my mom out to a free early dinner (or for me, snack) at Agrodolce. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.


I did my long run on Saturday this week due to the terrible weather forecast for Sunday. My dad was away Friday morning-Sunday night for practice events in Lake Placid, so my mom biked beside me again! She is very entertaining, and it all went very well. I biked for an hour first, and the run, although hot and sweaty, passed quickly. We got home just in time for the big neighborhood yard sale! I got an adorable twin Pottery Barn quilt set for just $15, as well as a cute Sulley plush for a quarter. He was a little stained when I bought him, but my mom helped me wash him and now he’s good as new (although his eyes do a demonic flipping thing).

In the late afternoon, I was walking and noticed a free table in front of Kellan’s house. My mom made me secretly patrol the area and scare people away from the table until she could come and get it. Kellan’s parents drove it to our house in their truck and my mom, Peter, and I carried it through the front door and into the basement. It was really heavy and the whole event was rather dramatic, but the table looks pretty good in our basement, so I guess it was worth it!


Later that night, I decided that I am going to make the guinea pig, Zero, my best friend. I am trying to hang out with him every day, but this goal is proving to be difficult because I am EXTREMELY allergic to him. We’ll see how it goes.


On Sunday, I did my usual Saturday bike (2:20:00). In the afternoon, me and my mom went to Home Depot, Michael’s, and Target. I bought new lights for my room (my other ones broke, sadly), and a sew-your-own stuffed animal kit that I am having a lot of trouble with.

Monday (today!)

This morning, I was forced to attend a four-hour graduation rehearsal at school, and it was the longest and worst four hours in the world. Everyone is slow and incompetent. The whole process was very frustrating and I am kind of excited for this whole thing to just be over already!

Once the rehearsal was finally over, I drove Eliyah home and went to Giant and Starbucks. Then I took a nap, walked for a bit, and now here I am.

I graduate high school tomorrow! I am not really looking forward to it though, because I am going to have to seriously dehydrate myself in order to not pee five times during the ceremony. Not drinking water makes me very sad 🙁 BUT AT LEAST ZOOTOPIA COMES OUT ON DVD TOMORROW. Zootopia is amazing and I can’t wait to be able to watch it whenever the heck I want to.


It’s important to note that almost every day last week I dedicated time to planning out my possible class schedule at UMD next year. It was a really stressful process. Since I don’t actually get to register for anything until June 22nd/23rd at my orientation, all the classes are filling up and I am really, really freaked out about it. I am very limited in what times I want my classes to be! I don’t want to go to class too early, because I want to exercise first, and I don’t want to go to class too late, because I like to go to bed early. I am also afraid to go to back-to-back classes, because the campus is so huge and I need time to travel between buildings and stuff! I cannot wait for this stage of my planning to be over. I cried like eight times last week over this, and I am so over it.

I know that once I get settled into my new college routine, I will be totally fine. It’s the creating-new-schedule-and-abandoning-old-routines thing that is really getting into my head right now. Change is not my favorite part of life, but I suppose it is inevitable.

I think this is the longest blog post I have ever written. Like, it’s really, really long. Go me!

I’m going to log off now and work on this ridiculously hard stuffed animal kit.

See you next week, blog! And wish me luck tomorrow!

Emily G.

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