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Summer and job applications

Hello blog!

This week has been hot. We didn’t really have much of a spring this year–just last weekend I did my long run with a jacket and gloves and today I was sweating like crazy in just a shirt and shorts! It’s been almost 90 all week, which means my weekly afternoon runs have been literal hell. Like as hot as the flames in hell. Luckily, because my last day of school was Thursday, I can start doing my weekday runs in the mornings to avoid the blistering heat and the migraines that accompany it.

Summer has begun and I am already bored. I’ve busied myself with job applications, Father’s Day gifts, reading, coloring, and walking with Kellan, but I would really like to have an easy part-time job to help pass some of the time! I applied to Yogi Castle, Menchie’s, Sweet Frog, and Noodles and I have yet to hear back from any of them, which is disappointing because I feel that I am super cute and totally employable.

Before I forget, here are some of this week’s coloring masterpieces:

FullSizeRender IMG_6687 IMG_6693

On Thursday, my best fish friend Prince Pancake died. He’s been suffering from a fish affliction called dropsy for the past week or so, and he is very old. He had a great life but I will undoubtedly miss being a fish mom! Here’s the little memorial I set up for him on the bar:


This morning me and my dad biked for about 45 minutes while watching The Mindy Project and then did 12 miles on the usual route. It was fun, but like I mentioned earlier, it’s starting to get a bit hot! The wind made today’s running quite manageable, however. There were more people out than ever, probably due both to Memorial Day and the nice weather. Also, because of Memorial Day, we saw about one million motorcycles lined up getting ready to do that fancy ride thing they do every year.

Next week, my dad is going to Lake Placcid to prep for Iron Man in July, which means I have to figure out altnerate plans. Maybe my mom will go with me, but we’ll have to see because things are kind of flaky and flippy-floppy in the household at the moment.

After the run today we ventured out to Rockville with Mom and Peter to hit up the Container Store, and I bought my first dorm stuff!! I got some desk organizers, hangers, and a totally cute pig trash can (it kind of looks like Peppa Pig, which makes it even better). There’s still one million and one things I want to buy, but this is a good start 🙂

After The Container Store, my mom and brother went to IHOP while me and my dad went to one of my favorite restaurants–an all-vegan Chinese place called Yuan Fu Vegetarian. It was insanely delicious, and I even remembered to photograph my meal! Here’s what I got:

IMG_6708 IMG_6707

In case you can’t tell. that’s vegan orange chicken with broccoli! My dad got some spin on General Tso’s delicious fake chicken. We also got spring rolls, and some kind of spinach pancake awesomeness. It was really fun and I’m still full!

Tomorrow morning, at least me and Mom are going to volunteer at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary! I’ve wanted to go for so long, and my dad and brother might tag along, too! I can’t wait to help the animals. If all goes well, Mom will feel totally moved and start phasing meat out of her diet. That was always my evil plan. (I’m kidding but not 100% kidding).

I’m going to go change into my pajamas and watch TV now! See you next week, internet 🙂

Emily G.

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