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The one where Emily attends many evening events

Good afternoon, internet!

This week was rather uneventful (no news is good news, though). By Monday I had finished 3/4 of my cumulative projects, and by tomorrow I should finish my AP Biology storybook. It is about a young, curious octopus named Olivia who travels the ocean and observes symbiotic relationships, and I think it is hella cute.

Here are some of my coloring masterpieces from this week:

image image

Wednesday marked my last full day of school! It couldn’t have come soon enough. I still have four more shortened days and I cannot wait to be done! Then I can spend all my days coloring , playing Animal Crossing, and planning out my future in detail.

You are probably wondering about the evening engagements I attended this week, as indicated by this post’s title. On Monday, I went to Ulysses graduation. On Thursday, I went to Senior Awards Night (and won $500 for excellence in history!) Both events required me to eat dinner at a different time and stay up late. As you can probably tell by now, changing my schedule is not my favorite thing in the world. However, it is good for me to deal with adversity and spontaneity, regardless of how little I enjoy them.

My weekly miles this week went very smoothly despite the rain. I ran outside only on Wednesday, and Mom accompanied me for 3 of my 5 miles. On Thursday I got caught up on New Girl, so I started The Mindy Project and I really like it so far! Mindy Kaling is as funny as she is adorable.

Yesterday I went out to lunch at Noodles with my chorus friends, two of which had just come back from college! It was nice to catch up with them, even though not everyone arrived on time (one of my friends got so so lost that several others had to go rescue her!)

This morning me and my dad biked for one hour and then ran to Union Station in light but constant rainfall. It wasn’t perfect, but could’ve been way worse! Plus he let me have one of his Margarita-flavored Bloks, so that was fun. I love me some bloks.

Mom and Katie departed for Virginia Beach this morning before we got back from running. In the early afternoon, me, my dad, and my brother Peter went to run fun errands. We went to Barnes and Nobles, where I got coloring books and stationary, and Target, where I got socks and a goofy Zootopia t-shirt. When we got hungry, we went to BGR, but were left eating french fries when we found out that the supposedly safe veggie burger contained not only egg whites but also honey (BGR, I am disappointed in you. Veganism is the future). I survived though, because I stopped at Smoothie King and got my favorite vegan drink (a dark chocolate banana smoothie) on the way home.

This week should be nice and easy. No full days of school and lots of free time. Hopefully I can make a bigger dent in Alexander Hamilton (its size is so daunting!) and watch lots of TV (I’ve been rewatching The Office because it is funny as heck).

See you next week 🙂

Emily G.



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