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Coloring and Prom

Hi internet!

My last AP exam was on Monday (AP Biology). I have honestly blocked it from my brain but I remember it being difficult and time-crunchy. Of course, everyone else seems to think it was harder than I think it was, so that means I still have a shot at a 5!

It’s great to be done with my APs! I have now finished 3/4 of my culmulative projects, so my classes are pretty much unstructured free time now. I have been bringing my Enchanted Forest coloring book to school to entertain myself, as well as my copy of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

image image

It’s been raining all week (except today), so I was only able to run outside on Thursday. I was able to do my normal weekly mileage this week with minimal knee/hip trouble, thanks to the orthopedist’s nifty exercises. I think I am very close to being out of the woods, if I’m not already out.

This Friday was the PROM. My senior and only prom. A most momentous occasion. I wore a Disney Cinderella prom dress from PromGirl, and my massive group of 28 people took pictures at Black Rock before heading to dinner at Copper Canyon and then to the prom at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. We were transported around by a cramped party bus, which, while fun, was entirely too loud. I left the dance early because I was exhausted and tired of being in dark, claustrophobic, loud spaces. I am undoubtedly an introvert at heart.

You are probably wondering what the heck a vegan can eat at Copper Canyon. They gave me  a plate of lettuce and balsamic vinagrette at first, because that’s all that could be made vegan off our set menu. My mom called and guilted them into hooking me up, though! They gave me a delicious red bean veggie burger and french fries next! Much more satisfying. Then, when everyone else got brownies and ice cream for desert, I was delivered some top-notch raspberry sorbet. Thanks, Copper Canyon!

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I would post some pictures of my friends, but I do not have their permission and therefore will respect their privacy. They all looked stunning, however, and one of my beautiful best friends won Prom Queen! Go us!

Several children in Rio mistook me for the actual Cinderella (and sometimes Elsa). These encounters were adorable and were obviously the highlight of my evening. I love children probably about as much as I love dogs (which is, to say, a LOT).

This morning my dad had an olympic triathlon so I was on my own. I rode my bike for an hour while watching New Girl and then ran to Union Station with my mom! She is a good runner but is not quite ready for 12 yet, so she utilized Capital Bikeshare and biked beside me for the two hours. She made a good buddy and it was fun to show her everything I love about CCT and DC and Bethesda and everywhere else.

Guess what happened yesterday, blog! My dad secretly ordered a sloth squishable for me as an AP present and it arrived in the mail in all of its squishy glory. It is probably my most favorite thing in the world right now. It is a boy and his name is Meatloaf, naturally. I will be taking Meatloaf to college with me and to all other places I live for the rest of my life.

This week is the week of nighttime engagements! Tomorrow I have Ulysses graduation and Thursday I have Senior Awards Night (I’m up for a history award that comes with a $500 prize!). That means my dinner schedule will be thrown off, and my regular meals will be replaced by Noodles & Company.

Anyhow, it’s time for me to eat a scone, cuddle with Meatloaf, and watch TV until it’s falafel time!

Here’s to this upcoming week!

Emily G.

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