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Here comes the sun + AP week recap

Hello internet! It’s me, Emily G.

Well, I don’t know how I did it, but I did it. I have completed three of my four AP exams: AP Literature and Composition, AP Calculus BC, and AP European History. Here’s how I felt about each one:

  • AP Lit: super easy multiple choice and I feel good about the Kite Runner question 3 essay. There was a weird poem about a juggler that was apparently about the sun, so I probably lost points for misintepreting that but overall I will give it an 8/10
  • AP Calc: pretty sure i KILLED the multiple choice, but FRQs were a whole other story. Some of them were so hard that I have literally blocked them from my mind. 7/10
  • AP European History: multiple choice was easy once again, four FRQs were tricky but okay, DBQ was tedious but not hard, and long essay was BOMB b/c it was about women’s rights and I am a feminist know-it-all. 9/10

Tomorrow I have AP Bio, which I am considerably (very!!!) nervous for. I have ceased studying for the night in order to let my brain do its thing, and I feel generally well-prepared but it’s just SO long…there could be so much I don’t know. Or it could be everything I am an expert on. WHO KNOWS. Stress is 0/10 would not reccomend.

On Thursday after my exam I went to see my orthopedist about my knee. Good news: I don’t have runner’s knee at all, I am just a lil knock-kneed! He gave me some cool patella stretches and they seem to be working well.

Me and my dad biked for 45 minutes this morning and then ran our normal 12. It was SUPER nice outside, and even though we were overdressed in our long-sleeved shirts, it was a good run because I met many dogs. I am very glad to say that neither my knee or hip gave me any trouble. Take that, injuries! Emily wins again.

Here is a picture of me lookin cute at Fletcher’s boathouse (peep my cool new knee brace!)


I have high hopes for this week! After tomorrow, my life should be pretty simple and full of happiness and Animal Crossing. I definitely deserve a break after all.

Come to think of it, I think I will go play Animal Crossing now.

See you next week

Emily G.

(p.s. I booked my 18th birthday party at Build-a-Bear yesterday! Can’t wait!)

(p.s.s I got a brand new plant from the amish market. His name is Mr. Sunshine.image)



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