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Here we go!!!

Hi internet

This morning me and my dad biked for one hour (his Iron Man training schedule is really ramping up!) and then we ran to Union Station in medium-to-heavy constant rain. We got totally soaked but it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, although the Metro ride back to Bethesda was pretty unpleasant (they had the AC on and I was dying).

Anyhow I bet you are wondering about my various injuries. I was pretty freaked out about my right hip and its scary clicking noise on Monday (so freaked that I cried at school for 20 seconds) but it seems to have gotten better. I mixed it up this week and replaced some of my weekly miles with biking to try and give it some time to rest. It seems no worse for the wear after today’s run, so we’ll see what happens. In terms of my knee, I am feeling a bit annoyed. I bought a knee strap that I’ve been wearing to help with strengthening the muscles around my patella, but it still bothered me the whole entire run today. It’s not so bad anymore, but it’s been three weeks of annoyance and dreading stairs now so I have asked my mom to see if we can see my

orthopedist sometime this week (after one of my AP exams).


Ah, yes. You read correctly. AP exams start this week! I am in the home stretch! I have AP Lit on Wednesday, AP Calc on Friday, and AP Euro Friday afternoon. Back to back to back 🙁 but at least I’ll get a bunch out of the way before the weekend. Then I have my final exam, AP Biology, Monday morning. Here are my current concerns:

  1. My wrist will break during the two exams in which I have to write 3+ essays
  2. I will have bathroom emergencies I don’t have time for (I usually pee once an hour and that’s not gonna fly on AP day :/ I will have to seriously limit my water consumption the mornings of my exams and I am worried that will mess up my ability to do well)
  3. I will panic and cry during the test

That is all. Hopefully, in next week’s post, I will be able to tell you that these worries were totally and completely unnecessary.


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about this past week at school! My sister Katie has been home all week also. But back to school. This week was hard but fast, since we got Tuesday off for election day. I had a lot of tests. I have three more tests tomorrow, which should be illegal considering it’s AP week but whatever.

Time to go pack my string bag for APs! Wish me luck. I really do need it desperately.

Emily G.


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