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Hi blog!

This week was hard but not quite as bad as I expected it to be. Mrs. Keller (my AP Biology teacher) was absent three days in a row, and then bombarded us with work when she got back, so that wasn’t the super fun. This week my school participated in the Every 15 Minutes anti-drinking and driving thing, so we got out of 3rd period on Thursday for a crash simulation and 1st period on Friday for a very emotional assembly. Unfortunately, those individuals who already drink and drive are probably not going to change their ways.

My recurring knee problem returned on Friday evening after my bike ride. I looked it up and I think I have runner’s knee. I biked again on Saturay anyway, and it didn’t seem to get much worse so I continued with my Sunday running as planned.

This morning my mom, dad, and I ran the Pike’s Peek 10K in Rockville. Before the race, me and my dad got up super early to ride the bikes for 45 minutes and then do a little 4-miler before the race started. My knee hurt but not bad enough to stop.

In an interesting turn of events, it is now my right hip that is causing me the most trouble! It didn’t hurt until today several hours after the race was over, but its pretty unpleasant. I would describe it as a sore clicking feeling bad enough for me to take two acetominophine. Fingers crossed that this goes away over the next few days, because injuries take a serious toll on my mental health. Exercise makes me happy and it calms me down. Without it, I am crazy and sad.

On a happier note, here are some pictures from the race:

image image image

Also some other things: Tuesday is Election Day so I am off from school 🙂 also it’s my first time doing real-life voting!! I will be voting for my man Bernie.

Here are some wishes for this upcoming week:

  • knee gets better
  • hip gets better
  • no more injuries while nursing current injuries
  • easier workload at school
  • ample time to study for APs, which I am SUPER not looking forward to. How the heck am I supposed to be okay with writing 3 essays in 2 hours? How will my wrist fair? Who knows.
  • random good things will happen to me because i am a hard worker who deserves nice things

I think that’s about it! If all goes well, next week’s post will include me talking about how all my ailments magically disappeared 🙂

Bye now!


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