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Hi blog!

My dad’s IronMan training plan is ramping up, so this morning we biked 45 minutes before doing the usual 12 on CCT. I’ve grown to really enjoy biking first, it’s a nice little warm-up, and a great opportunity to watch Netflix (I’m just about to finish HIMYM 🙁 i wish it would never end.) I opted for a peanut toffee buzz clif bar instead of my usual long run breakfast of peanut butter balls and blueberries. Clif bars and biking on the trainer go together like two things that go together perfectly. I’m hilarious, I know.

Remember how I talked about my knee hurting last week? Well, it was good enough to run on on Tuesday, and didn’t cause me any problems all week. It started to bug me today at like mile 9/10 🙁 it hurts when I first get up but not with continual movement. We’ll see what happens, but I am still optimistic that this is not a serious injury.

This week at school was suspiciously easy. Mind you, “easy” for me still means 4 hours of homework every night. An easy week can only mean one thing: this upcoming week will be terrible. It’s science. And to make it worse, I have an in-class essay tomorrow (in-class essays are my nemesis). But, because I like to pretend to be an optimistic person, let’s say that this week will be GREAT. I did see a lot of good dogs today, so that’s a good omen.

The lighter workload this week gave me more time to study for APs! The more study, the more calm I feel. I am making steady progress and I hope I will have time this week to keep that up! If I don’t I will cry and die, but it’s casual.

Some other things before I log off:

  • The Kite Runner is a great read, but my dad was right when he said it gets a little “soap-opera-y” at the end. There’s just one too many twists. Like calm down Khaled Hosseini
  • My Hamilton bible (I don’t know its actual name, but it is a giant magnificent book about Hamilton written by Lin Manuel Miranda and another guy) came on Tuesday and it is glorious. Hamilton for life
  • It is finally starting to feel like spring in Maryland! That is mostly a good thing. However, Spring sucks in terms of bugs. My weekly runs were mostly just me being attacked by bees and then sprinting away as fast as possible, looking behind my back to see if I’m being followed (by bees)
  • Wasps are worse than bees
  • I have run out of things to say but I wanted to have 5 bullets

Goodbye, internet. Wish me luck this week!!

Emily G.

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