Less than a week until marathon #2!

Yesterday marked one week until my second marathon–the Rock n Roll DC next Saturday (I know, how weird is it that a race is on a Saturday?) This morning, me and my dad were supposed to do 8, but we did another 12 because we are overachievers.

I am super excited for this marathon even though I know the second half is going to suck. I bought a patriotic new running skirt and already packed a marathon bag full of post-race goodies! By the time it’s time to post on this blog again, I’ll have two marathons under my belt 🙂

(I’m nervous about the super low mileage this week, however. Running keeps me sane.)


This past week at school was kinda sucky but I’ve survived worse. I am a strong academic warrior and I will undoubtedly kick this semester’s butt.

Tonight I go to my tailor’s house to see if there is anything she can do to make my prom dress fit me. As of now, I can’t take a full breath in it.


Fingers crossed everything goes well!! I am overdue for some good karma.

Time to study!

Emily G.

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