19 miles can be fun

Today I ran 19 miles with my dad from Bethesda to DC. We had no major pains (lots of little ones though) and it all went pretty smoothly. Even Hanes Point was tolerable! Unfortunately, I did not see as many dogs as I had hoped (but I did see many cardinals! I think cardinals are a very magical good luck charm, as long as you thank them for their blessing). At mile 7, I tried a new kind of Bloks–orange! They were good but nothing will ever be as good as blue Bloks 🙂 I had blue Bloks at mile 14 and they were as magical as always. Of course, at the end, I got a big Jamba Juice smoothie.

19 mile union station selfie

I hope I will be able to run with my dad when I go to college. He is a super great running buddy and I will miss him immensely when I am off at school.

This past week at school has been better than average! Less homework than I expected 🙂 (we even watched a movie in AP Bio!) plus doing my weekly runs on the treadmill is kind of enjoyable now because I can watch Scrubs while I do it.

Next weekend is Valentine’s Day and a three-day weekend, so that’s something to look forward to! I hope this week’s school workload is tolerable because I would like to not die.

Time to go lay around and have some much-earned free time.




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