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  • Emily Gerard 8:55 pm on January 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    18 miles strong! 

    Today was the first day I was able to run outside in two weeks (due to winter storm Jonas)! CCT was fine, but once we got into DC some of the sidewalks were very icy and dicey (I’m a rhyming master). We did 18 miles and I had relatively no pain or soreness :) even Hanes Point wasn’t as atrocious as it usually is! Go me.


    I’ve been off school the entire week. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

    • Freakonomics
    • SuperFreakonomics
    • online shopping
    • board games
    • Scrubs
    • went to museums with Mom
      • and signed up for an admitted students day! Yay!
    • watched “The Way Way Back”
      • this may be my new favorite movie
    • ran 18 miles (obviously)
    • made cookies
    • AP studying
    • Disney planning!!
    • Coloring in my coloring book

    I’m not super thrilled about going back to school but it’s a brand new semester so maybe it won’t totally suck. I am nice and relaxed and ready to kick this semester’s butt. Plus, even if it sucks, I know I can look forward to Disney in 1.5 months and graduation in 4.5 months! Not too shabby.

    Fingers crossed that this upcoming week is as good as this week was!


  • Emily Gerard 9:44 pm on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Snowed in thanks to #stormjonas 

    There was absolutely no possibility of running outside today–we’ve been hit with 30+ inches of snow, plus the Metro is closed and I’m sure CCT is in terrible condition. Thanks storm Jonas!

    storm jonas

    Of course, marathon runners can’t just skip a long run. Especially when it’s a pretty long run–18 miles. So me and my dad had to get a little creative. We decided since 18 miles takes us about 3 hours, we’d do a total of 3 hours of exercise–but mix it up a little.

    1st hour–Emily on treadmill and dad on bike

    2nd hour–Dad on treadmill and Emily on bike

    3rd hour–Emily on treadmill and dad on elliptical in same room

    It’s important to note that the bikes and the treadmills are floors apart right now, so we were only together for the last hour. But I SURVIVED. I was really dreading the first hour, but took it slow and watched Scrubs and did okay. The second hour went faster because I got to eat my favorite running snack–Bloks!! clifshotblokstropicalpunch The third hour went moderately quickly because me and my dad were finally together and because we watched Friends reruns on the TV in the exercise room. Not so bad.

    My calf has been doing much better this week :) I went to the podiatrist on Wednesday and he said I’ve been having pain because of my excessive pronation. He reccomended always wearing calf sleeves while running, frequent stretching, and sleeping in a special calf stretching boot. I had no calf problems during my two runs today! Hurrah!

    We already have school off tomorrow and Tuesday because of the storm, so I’ll be doing a lot of reading and studying for AP exams. Sounds like an OK week to me (although it looks like all of my runs will have to be on the treadmill, ugh).

    Here’s another winter storm Jonas meme before I log off:


    –Emily G.

  • Emily Gerard 10:39 pm on January 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    calf getting better–i think 

    Today I ran 17 miles with my dad (CCT + Haines Point) and my calf didn’t hurt until around 12, which is good and bad. Good because I made it a whole 12 miles with no pain whatsoever. Bad because my calf hurts now and it hasn’t hurt this intensely in a while. Intense probably isn’t the right word, but my calf is definitely tight and angry. Time for:


    Not sure I’ll be doing much resting though. Resting turns me into a crazy person. I’m hoping that if I’m nice to my calf tomorrow I’ll be able to run 4 or 8 on Tuesday (my schedule this week is 4, 8, 4). Next weekend calls for an 18-miler and it would be so amazing if I could get that run to be pain-free!! I will probably try to go see my orthopedist and see if he can hook a sister up.

    Anyway, this week is exam week. I have already been studying for like a month, of course, but the anxiety is present nonetheless. Here’s a funny bio joke for good luck on my AP Bio exam on Wednesday.


    Goodbye for now

    Emily G.


  • Emily Gerard 9:56 pm on January 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: calf, calf strain, injuries, injury, strain, ulysses, ulysses fair   

    When it rains it pours 

    This week was hard. It was the first day back from winter break as well as the week of my Ulysses fair, so I had to stay after school on two separate days and miss an entire day of school (which, when you’re in 5 APs, is crippling). I felt some relief on Thursday after the fair was over, but during my run, I somehow strained my right calf and spent the rest of the night crying and limping. The pain improves everyday but I decided to skip this week’s long run to promote recovery. My plan is to run 4, 8, 4 this week, and I REALLY hope my calf doesn’t cause any issues. I am a good person and I deserve to have a calf that cooperates with me.

    To make things more difficult I have like 8000 unit tests this week and exams start on Friday. Jesus take the wheel.

    Wish me luck and send me good vibes

    Emily G.


  • Emily Gerard 9:01 pm on January 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 14, cold, egg, hat, miles, run, , weather   

    My long run today 

    Today I did 14 miles with my dad in sub-freezing temperatures. He let me wear his super warm biking gloves, and I wore them all the way up to mile 13, during which the sun started shining and my hands got super sweaty. The run was good, and my ears didn’t get cold because I wore a neck cover thing. Here is me looking like an egg in all my winter gear:


    I know, I know. I am a beautiful egg.

    Hopefully this week of running will be good and not too chilly!


  • Emily Gerard 10:18 pm on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    I am bad at blogging 

    When I made this blog I really thought I would use it more often. I haven’t posted in over two months, so here’s what’s happened since then:

    • I ran the MCM and loved it (it was challenging and fun and I wouldn’t have changed a thing)
      • I got a very sad angry blister on the third toe on my right foot
        • but on the bright side I am now a master of blister care! These are my lifesavers:
        • blister gel
      • I saw the beautiful mini-horse Moonshine right before entering Crystal City. My dad thought I was hallucinating, but I was not. Moonshine is very real and very awesome.
        • moonshine the mcm pony
    • I am now training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon on March 12th, 2016. Last week’s long run was a kind of hard but kind of fun 15.5, during which I wore a sparkle skirt because I am a princess.
    • I’ve been accepted into UCF, Penn State, and UMBC. UCF and UMBC both gave me a lot of money, but I’m still holding out for UMD. We’ll see what happens with that in a month or so
    • I had a great Christmas and got lots of clothes, gift cards, and stuffed animals. I am not excited to go back to school in two days.
      • I would like to add that it is not the school work that bothers me, it is the confinement. I am perfectly content to work all day as long as I can do so in my comfy little office at home–it’s being in a cold dark building all day that really gets me.
        • Also the excessive amount of AP classes I am taking gets me

    Happy new year. I hope that I will be posting on this blog more because I spent so much time making it pretty.


  • Emily Gerard 4:56 pm on October 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: marathon,   

    One week until my first marathon! 

    keep calm marathon

    Today was my first successful run since the infamous 20 miler two weeks ago that left me with a quarter-sized blister on the bottom of my right foot. Ouch. It was only 8 miles this morning, and this week’s running schedule is only 3, 2, 2. I am just seven miles away from my very first marathon. In one week it will all be over. Now to survive the taper crazies :)

    Wish me luck!

    Emilytaper warning


    • Ellen 12:31 pm on December 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I hope the marathon goes well- I would love to do one when I’m older! x

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