About Me




Hello world!

My name is Emily and I am a freshman Biology/History major in college. I have been running for about 3 years now and I love it with every fiber in my being. I’ve completed five half marathons and three full marathons–MCM (twice) and Rock n Roll DC. I hope to qualify for Boston and run it before I die.

Other things about me:

I am an enthusiastic vegan.

I am a total workaholic. I feel most like myself when I am tackling a problem or engaged in a difficult task.

I love love love Disney (and I loved running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2015!)

I like to ride my bike on the trainer while watching sitcoms (my favorites are The Office, Friends, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and The Mindy Project).

I am a very dedicated student–I spend most of my time studying. I am honestly surprised I took time away from my studying to make this blog.

I love to organize and plan things! Day planners, highlighters, colored pens, and desk organizers are all very exciting to me.

I am very rigid about time. I plan my days minute-by-minute really far in advance and I get upset when people think it’s no big deal to mess up my schedule. I am not spontaneous. Spontaneous plans give me anxiety. We can’t all be super fun adventurous people, after all.

I hope one day to be an orthopedic physician. I love runners and all athletes and I want to help them keep being awesome. I may instead choose to be a pediatrician, because I think kids are also really stellar.

I REALLY like dogs. Like a lot.

I’m sure there are other integral parts of my identity that I’m forgetting but you don’t need to know everything about me anyway. You only need a gist–I am extremely productive, and I love structure, animals, and Whole Foods baked goods. Oh, and stuffed animals, stickers, and all things Christmas. That’s probably about it.

Emily G.